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Fiverr for the Budgeting Author

If you're an author on a budget like me the Fiverr will be your best friend. On there you can find AWESOME cover designers..I use HonorPoet7 who is also on Facebook under J Ash B Designs. He has done a lot o my covers and I will never look anywhere else. You can use someone to schedule you a blog tour, cover reveal, format your book for print, kindle and so much more all for $5 and up. You can even hire an editor, proofreader or Beta reader. It's a great tool and no one will even know you spent less than $100 to get your book to look professional. I recommend that you ask for samples so that you're happy with the person that you're working with. Other than that I think you will be okay. :)

Building A Brand

The hardest thing that I've found about being an author is building a brand. Readers are very reluctant to take a chance on you if you are new and don't have a team behind you. And it becomes frustrating and sometimes you want to give up because you wonder if it's really worth it? You put in all of this hard work. Blood sweat and tears only for it to be overlooked. Not all of us are going to become New York Times best sellers or Amazon best sellers but once we find those few loyal readers that will support us no matter what that's when it becomes all worth it. Don't give up so easily because sooner or later someone will find your book and appreciate it just as much as you do.

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